History of St. Francois Country Club

     The St. Francois Country Club was created when residents became interested in
a club where golf could be played and members could socialize and dine, in a private club atmosphere.
Over a period of time those interested came forward. Initiation fees and dues were set and a loan from a local financial institution was secured. Land was purchased and the club’s vision was becoming a reality.  After a year of construction the clubhouse and sand greens were completed.

St. Francois Country Club opened in 1959.

      All went well that first year, and time came to celebrate its first “New Years Eve”. It was, “a good time had by all”. That night the clubhouse suffered a devastating fire and burned to the ground.The St. Francois Country Club now had members, land, a mortgage and a destroyed clubhouse. Raising money to rebuild seemed a difficult task. This brought about what was called the County Development Association.
This group, mostly club members, came up with a plan to raise funds and start the process of rebuilding. The new Clubhouse opened its doors in early 1961.

     As membership grew, so did the club’s amenities. A swimming pool and tennis courts were added.  As more golf activities were added to the club, the interest in grass greens became a major priority, and a reality in the late  1960’s.

     In 1988 the Board of Directors made the decision to regain ownership of the land from the County Development Association. Bob Manley, Bob Politte Sr. and Vernon Giessing worked very hard to complete this process.

     The clubhouse at this point was 35 years+ and in need of attention. Improvements to the course were also on the horizon. A new clubhouse and 9 more holes would now be the goal.

     More land, a little more than needed, including the Zeba farm was purchased. Local developers, Mark and Pam Heisel, where helpful in purchasing the excess land not needed, which enabled the club to move forward.
Also helping the club move towards a new building was the formation of the St. Francois Properties LLC. This group was formed by many members buying shares to raise enough funds to start construction. Construction started in 2007 and the doors opened in 2008.

     St. Francois Country Club is a beautiful 18 hole private club, and is still in
existence today because of so many dedicated members. Members through the past 60
years have given of their time, talents, money, and attendance. Many of these are no
longer with us, but new members have come forward to continue working for the betterment of the Club. It seems the longer you are a member, the more you come to appreciate all the memories and happiness it has brought to hundreds of members along the way.

You too can become a part of the history…..Stop by the membership page and start playing golf!
4901 Hillsboro Road, Farmington MO 63640….www.sfcc.golf


Some pictures of the past………If you have a photo you would like to share contact the clubhouse.

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