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SFCC llc Membership Application


YOUNG      $800.00      Annual

*pool open Memorial Day Week-end through Labor Day Week-End



COMMUTER   $ 800.00     Annual

*pool open Memorial Day Week-end through Labor Day Week-End

FAMILY       $800.00     Annual

*pool open Memorial Day Week-end through Labor Day Week-End

SOCIAL   $400.00   Annual


*pool open Memorial Day Week-end through Labor Day Week-End

   a limited number of  Membership/with cart is available 

          CART PLUS MEMBERSHIP   $1200.00 ANNUAL

                                                                                  for information



 Jamie Brune @ 573-760-5825





Membership Policy

  • The following is a brief description of the rules of the club.  Common sense is the general rule, however, a finer definition follows for certain areas.
  1.  Definition of a Guest. A guest is anyone other than the member and their family, as specified by their membership type above, who has been invited to the Club by the member.  Guests are entitled to the same privileges and facility usage as the member who has invited them.
  2. Guests may use the club facilities without limitation when accompanied by a member.
  •           a. Special arrangements for use of the Club facilities on an unaccompanied basis for a period not to exceed seven (7) days may be made by a member with approval of the Board.
  •           b. Reciprocal privileges for use of the Club will be extended to any person who is the member of a private  country  club outside of St. Francois County, when such other club extends the same privileges to members of the St. Francois Country Club.  Reciprocity only applies when there is a tournament at the visiting members home course.
  •           c. Guests green fees are due prior to play.  If guest charges are not paid, members will be billed by the Club. Green fees must be paid at the clubhouse or paid to the Marshal.  On days when the Club is not open, green fees may be paid by depositing into the envelopes available in the basement.  Put money in the envelope and slide into the slotted box
  •           d. Swimming pool guest fees are as posted payable to the life guard or at the clubhouse each day upon arrival.
  •       3.  Clubhouse and General Rules
  •           a.  Members or guests will not bring their own alcoholic or other beverages into the Club property.  Bottled water may be brought in.
  •           b.  No food shall be brought on the property of St. Francois Country Club.  However, special items that cannot be supplied by the restaurant can be brought in with prior approval of the Board or the restaurant manager.
  •           c.  Private parties may be arranged by contacting the restaurant, who will explain all costs and arrangements necessary.
  •           d.  Loud or objectionable language, including profanity, in the clubhouse, or pool area  will not be tolerated. please respect the rights of others.
  •        4.  Swimming Pool Rules
  •           a.  Swimming by members and guests will be permitted only during normal operating hours, as determined by the Board of Directors.
  •           b.  No bottled beverages or glass containers of any kind will be allowed in or around the pool area.
  •           c.  The lifeguard is under instruction to stop and report to the Board any act which, in his/her judgment, is  unsafe or otherwise objectionable.  The lifeguard’s judgement is not to be questioned.  However, if a disagreement continues, any complaint should be brought directly to the Club house for a decision.
  •        5.  Tennis Court Rules
  •           a.  Players occupying a court must offer to play doubles with the waiting players or yield the court at the end of the current set or one hour, whichever occurs first.
  •           b.  Waiting players must peg rackets to keep in the proper turn for play.
  •           c.  All players must wear tennis shoes.
  •           d.  Players at night will please turn off lights when leaving if no one is waiting to play.  In fairness to people living in the areas near the courts.   No sets will be started after 10:00 pm
  •        6.  Golf Course
  •           a.  The golf course shall be available for play as determined and posted by the Greenskeeper. All members should check posting before attempting to play.
  •           b.  No one will be permitted to roam over the course, or use the putting green,  for other than its intended purpose.
  •           c.  Carts wil not be driven through wet or  muddy areas, between greens and traps, or within posted areas in front of green.  Carts must obey the 90 degree rule or cart path only rule posted by the Greenskeeper.  No other vehicle will be driven on the course except those of employees in the course of their duties.
  •           d.  Occupants of the cart sheds are responsible for the cleanliness in and around their unit.  Please keep areas clear of debris so that other members may have use of the sheds.
  •           e.  Occupancy of the sheds will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.
  •           f.  Vacated sheds revert immediately to the Club for re-assignment.  No credit will be issued for unused portions of a calendar year.  No trading, subletting,  transfer of occupancy or other changes in status by the assigned occupant will be permitted, except upon Board approval.
  •           g.  No one under the age of twelve (12) shall operate a cart unless under the direct supervision of an adult.
  •           h.  No rental cart shall be issued to or operated by anyone under the age of sixteen (16).
  •       7.  Golf Etiquette Rules
  •           a.  Golfers should yield to faster players or groups behind them, if the hole in front of them is open.
  •           b.  Groups are limited to a maximum of four (4) players on the weekends and five (5) players on weekday,
  •                with weekday being Monday through Friday.
  •           c.  Golfers should repair all ball marks on greens and replace divots in fairways.
  •           d.  In an effort to reduce wear and tear on the course, golfers should try to share rides, ( two players per cart).
  •           e.  No golfer(s) should start on #10 if players are on hole #9.  It is the responsibility of all golfers to confirm visually before commencing play on #10.
  •           f.  Golfers should put all trash in appropriate containers.
  •           g.  Golfers should acknowledge course  Marshalls.  They are there to assist golfers and enforce course rules.
  •                Please obey verbal direction of Marshalls.
  •        8.  General Rules 
  •           a.  No animals will be allowed on the Club grounds at any time.
  •           b.  Parking will only be permitted in the designated parking areas.
  •           c. All Club properties are intended for the on premise use of its members.  Nothing is to be removed from the Club without prior approval of the Board.
  •           d.  No commercial activity or advertising, except as approved by the Board, will be permitted on the Club premises.
  •           e.  Members are responsible for any damages to Club property caused by them, their family, or their guests.
  •           f.   No member or guest will be permitted to go behind the bar, enter the kitchen, or go into the storerooms unless with the permission of the Board.
  •           g.  No purchases or contracts will be made, nor invoices honored, to pay for goods and services on behalf of  the Club, unless authorized by the Board.
  •           h.  Members are responsible for the conduct of their children and guests.  They will not be permitted to run at will through the Club or be loud and rowdy.  Clubhouse personnel have been instructed to correct and report andy unsatisfactory behavior of children who are not properly chaperoned.
  •           i.  All children under the age of twelve (12)  years shall be chaperoned at all times.
  •           j.  A general dress code will apply to all members and their guests.  No individual should wear a swim suit in the clubhouse without appropriate cover up and shoes.  No member and their guests will be permitted to play golf or tennis if bare to the mid-section, tank tops, or cutoffs are worn.  A collared shirt is encouraged and will be recognized as appropriate golf or tennis apparel.
  •           k.  The Board maintains the authority to warn, suspend, or dismiss a member for loud and profane language, sexual harassment, abusing golf course rules or any other unacceptable behavior exhibited while on the grounds of St. Francois Country Club.
  •           l.  Any member  of the Board may temporarily suspend, modify,or add to any of the above rules, if deemed necessary by circumstance.  No permanent change will be made except as approved by vote of the full Board.
  • These rules are not meant to be restrictive in any way.  Rather, they are meant to enhance the enjoyment of the facilities of St. Francois Country Club.
  • Membership rules adopted 1/31/14
  •                      .

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